Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jammers Kitty and Something very different today

Jammer's again poses her cute face for the camera.

An actual written post:

Quality Traffic isn't even an issue when we are talking about traffic coming from Entrecard. The people that come and visit my Photo blog are the best. Period. The reason I know this is that I get a detailed list every day from what Entrecard provides me. On October 3rd and 4th, I had 22 visitors from Entrecard alone.

That's all you say ? Before I started with Entrecard, I seriously was lucky to get 22 visitors in a 2 month span. There are Bloggers that have posted on their blogs about having 500 or 600 E-Card drops or visitors in one day, all from Entrecard. That is some serious traffic, for any one.

But Getting back to the traffic I received in those 2 days on the 3rd and the 4th, I know quite well a lot of the people that dropped on me, or viewed my Photo Blog. They are not strangers, they aren't random drops from nowhere, they are quality visitors who for many, I have a relationship with, and many are people I know very well.

Ken Dropped on me both days. I know Ken quite well. Mike as well dropped on me those 2 days. I have become fast friends with Mike, and hope that his doctors can get him feeling better. He's having a bit of a rough time right now medically. Kathy, Debbie, and Dave visited My blog as well. I also want to very much thank the other E-Card droppers I have. Good people and very high quality Traffic. Just some amazing people and with some amazing talent and I feel honored that they take time out of their busy schedules to visit My Humble Blog of Photos.