Monday, January 26, 2009

Pretty water

A fountain I found out at Hart Park in Kern County, CA north east of Bakersfield. I took the weekend off from the Internet, not really by choice. I have a blog post or two coming that will explain in detail. Just life taking control and not Letting me live my life the way I want.
The Digital camera is so bizzare at times in the way it processes images. There is so much more that should have showed up in this picture, but the way the light was coming in at the late afternoon and the way I was having to face the water at the time took this image which appears to be black and white, but isn't. You see the far shore with the green lawn and the trees and the road beyond with the cars passing by. I imagine if I tweaked the Image enough, I could get some of that info to display, but then I wouldn't have this striking image. I kept wondering as I took this shot, why the image I sort of saw in the viewfinder looked so different from what was actually present. Now I know.