Saturday, August 21, 2010

Since Blogger is being

So odd and won't let me upload any images, I will start to use this to explain about The Images I upload and feature Here.

But first I just want again to thank Justin. He is a cool dude I met today and let me take his image quite a few times. He was up on photography some and realized when I was having lighting problems. (Not to self: Do Not try to use a white background in shade with the Fuji. Just does not work for some reason.) He was very understanding, a great model, and one in a million. Thanks Justin. He will be featured here some time soon on the Photo Blog. Just got to work him in the rotation.

So for some crazed reason I have decided to try and post an image each day for about the next year. That is how I started this Photo Blog and I guess I need to break in my new one the same way. I don't understand. I did learn a lot from the last experience, like not to ever do this type of thing again. Obviously, I have yet to fully learn that lesson well.

The lady posted today is an interesting story and I would love to tell you all the details but this might just tell enough of the details to wet your whistle. 2:27 into the Video.